Thursday, July 26, 2007

Netflix Fights Back

In the battle between Netflix and Blockbuster, Blockbuster had been winning lately in my opinion. Netflix showed a little competition by making it possible for people to get their DVDs online in the comfort of one's home without late fees. This must have been working, because Blockbuster answered back by allowing people to turn in movies at the store so they didn't have to wait for days for a new one. I recently noticed that Netflix has answered back.

No, they are not opening Netflix stores all over the country. However,what they are doing, is making it possible for people to download movies instantly on their personal computer. On that device, a person can watch their movie any where. I'm sure the download is dated and at some point will expire, but you can largely watch it any time one wants. But the upside of such an approach doesn't end there in my opinion.
* It is a big blow on the war of immediate gratification. Blockbuster was proud of the fact that you could run to the store to replace your video. This new approach allows people to download the program "in minutes." That's pretty quick!
* It has to mean better viewing quality. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of spraying DVDs with Windex in the hope they will some how work better. Furthermore, you have to wonder what type of impact these often worn and dirty discs are having on my DVD player.
So, with Netflix's serious challenge to Blockbuster, that was one point. With Blockbusters counter, that was one for them. Now, with the downloading, the score is 2 to 1 for Netflix. The battle continues, I will keep you posted.

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