Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beckhamania: You Have to Be Kidding

I just got home and turned on my computer and went to my favorite background noise, the TV. I glanced at the guide and found out that the program I was watching on NBC was "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America." The program was described as "Reality. (2007) From London to Los Angeles. CC, Special, Repeat." Beckham (photo) is attractive, but the fuss is really unnecessary.

There was nothing "real" about the show and I hope the London to Los Angeles includes a round trip. A few observations from the program:

* I think there may actually be too many channels. I mean, I expect stuff like this on the Reality TV Network, E, or even Bravo, but NBC? The garbage has gotten so excessive that it has now flowed over on "legitimate" TV networks.

* Recently I have noticed multi-hour car chases on all news networks. Some followed with even more scrutiny because of the low speeds they are driving, "isn't it interesting he/she is going so slow?" No, it isn't. It eventually has me looking for sharp objects.
* Television is in a desperate state, in my opinion. I am beginning to find myself longing for the era of rabbit ears and only a handful of channels. Only a few channels put a mandate on quality in the good old days, at least compared to modern standards.

* No wonder people are turning to the web for their video entertainment. True, they only add to the many options that are available, but people can essentially customize the type of video or whatever content they are seeking.

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