Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Movies are Very Big Business

For a while we heard that the future of movies were in question, but I believe their future is very bright. I think of my own personal circumstances. For a while I simply never got movies or went to them, often for the same reasons I didn't watch network news, it was inconvenient and there were too many other easy sources for news (Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, etc.) and movies (USA, AMC, TCM, etc.) on cable to go out of my way to rent movies or even go to them.

However, with the rise of the Redbox, where I can rent movies all over town for a $1 and leave them at any one of their locations, I find that my family is renting many more movies. Recently, I went by and noticed that the number I have personally seen was huge. I have also noticed a rising interest in independent films. Probably roughly half of the movies I watch falls in that category. These films are relatively cheap to make (sometimes only 6 digits) and through the numerous distribution networks available (theaters that cater to such films, rental machines, online services, etc.) the possibility of high returns is very good.
Now, it seems everywhere I go, I come across another aspiring movie maker. In fact, I have at least five friends who either have made or in the process of making a movie. Those who have made them have figured out how to make a little profit. New technology is exploding on the scene to make the production of movies more affordable and far easier to do. I'm hoping that the rise of independent films, particularly those of the pro-family variety, will give Hollywood and its culture a run for the money.

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