Sunday, July 22, 2007

Clever Marketing: Legal Zoom Commercial

Robert Shapiro, is a noted attorney who is most famous for being a part of a team defending OJ Simpson in his murder trial in the 1990s. That successful defense and his role in representing others famous (and infamous) characters such as Linda Lovelace, Daryl Strawberry, Johnny Carson, and others has made him one of the country's most famous attorneys. Shapiro has been accused of illegally removing assets from a client's apartment (who was accused of being a drug dealer), and in spite of these legal troubles, Shapiro is still well known for his legal prowess.

Recently I noticed that Shapiro has become a co-founder of LegalZoom.com, which is a website that makes it easy and affordable to get the legal documents they need for business and life (everything from wills to copyrights). I say affordable, but you can get many of the same documents at places like Office Depot for a fraction of what LegalZoom charges, but it is still less than an attorney charges.

That's the point. Because these documents are "backed up" by a "great legal mind" like Shapiro, they can ask for more. I don't understand why more professional celebrities don't leverage their fame into business deals such as this. Imagine "Dr. Phil" counselors around the country. Individuals who underwent a thorough due diligence process to be able to wear that name. Sure, it would have to be done in a sophisticated manner (e.g., preferred therapists), but he would make a fortune and it is far more credible than his involvement with Match.com, in my opinion.
Don't be surprised in this business culture of strategic alliances and synergy in business that we see more relationships like Shapiro and LegalZoom.

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