Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who is That on the Cover of My Wired?

I am a regular reader of Wired Magazine and often find myself devouring it cover to cover. This month's issue had, of all things, Martha Stewart on the cover making a Wii Cake. I felt a little weezy about this, for some reason. On the cover of Reformed Prisoners Anonymous, maybe, but Wired? Even with an edible video game seemed strange.

I will say that she "graces" the cover of one of my favorite theme issues -- "How To." And although I have yet to dive in, I'm very interested in many of the topics:

"Land a Fat Raise"

"Rule the Blogosphere" (of particular interest)

"Take Killer Digpics" (what are those?)

"Outsmart a Mechanic"

"Snag a Cell Phone Deal"
"Weasel Free Drinks"

"Keep Batteries Charged"

"Email Like a Pro"

"Get Fired Properly"

And, of course, "Bake a Wii Cake"
I'm sure I will enjoy it and find useful, but Martha Stewart of Wired Magazine. Weird.

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