Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Interesting News at Fox Business Channel

For those of us tired about the bad news continuously being propagated by most of the cable networks, I am very excited about the advent of the new Fox Business Channel. Bad news is pervasive everywhere in cable (and news in general), and the business news arena is among the worst at getting the message straight. Friends of the free market need a break and we hope we are going to get one from the new channel.
First of all, Neil Cavuto, who is the Senior Vice President of the new cable network, is one of my favorite news persons. He has continued to deliver the news with a refreshing objectivity that resembles false optimism in the media world, but healthy reality in the world we live in. I knew his appointment meant good news for business and news.
The good news continues, in my opinion, with his recent appointment of Alexis Glick as News Director. Alexis is a bright and passionate friend of free enterprise. Recently she did an interview (above) on the Fox News' Cashin' In program on which she boldly addressed the Social Security system and said it had to go and be replaced by a private alternative. This type of innovative thinking will only further make the new Fox Business Channel a major cable news source. I'm delighted that October 15th is just around the corner, the day in which the new network will launch and create a better way for business news to be delivered.

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