Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Going Daily

It has been ten years since I have done a daily radio show and the first time ever that I have done such during drive time in Houston. But Monday is my first day to host the new Houston Business Hour, 7 AM on CNN 650.

7 AM as "drive time." That's an interesting concept for a night owl like me. 7 AM would normally be drive time if:

* My wife was pregnant and she decided to deliver.

* My house was on fire and I needed some where else to stay.

* If I were on vacation and had left late in the night to get a great deal of time in while my kids are sleeping (like I did last week when we went to Orlando under the false notion that driving together was "good family time").

Now, every day, Monday through Friday I should already be in the studio at 7 AM! This will take some adjustments. I decided to start my own business in order to avoid such obscene hours. As I said, it will take adjustment.

However, to reach a larger audience and to do it daily, I'm delighted for the opportunity.

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