Monday, August 27, 2007

Four Compelling Reasons to Think Twice About Leaving Iraq

Four compelling reasons to think twice about leaving Iraq from FreedomsWatch.org:

"Iraq war veteran John Kriesel lost both legs in a blast near Fallujah on December 2nd, 2006. It was near the end of his second tour. Listen to why John believes Victory is America's only choice." See and hear the rest of the story here (first video).

"Laura Youngblood lost 2 family members to al Qaeda terrorists, first her uncle Henry a New York City fireman who lost his life on 9/11, and than her husband Travis died fighting for our freedom in Iraq. Listen to why Laura believes Victory is America's only choice." Hear and see the rest of this compelling story by clicking here (second video).


"Iraq war veteran Andrew Robinson was on his second tour of duty when he was wounded by an IED in June of 2006. Andrew lost the use of his legs. Listen to why Andrew believes Victory is America's only choice." See and hear the rest of this important story by clicking here (third video).


"Vicki Strong lost her son Marine Sgt. Jesse Strong, in Iraq fighting for our freedom. Listen to why Vicki believes Victory is America's only choice." See and hear why she believes such by clicking here (video four).

Leaving Iraq and thinking our problems will go away is a very simplistic view of the situation. We didn't start this war and we are going to have to finish it. All we have been able to do is determine where this war is being fought. Do you want it over there or over here? Do you want little children at schools and families at malls on the front lines or well trained volunteers? We didn't choose to fight this world, but we must choose to win it.

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Anonymous Andy Valadez said...

Thanks for this post. The public at large has failed to see that not only must we win, but our military is in danger of collapse. We as a people do not want to support the military. We take them for granted and when the military loses, we lose. Congress needs to act and plan for a military of the future.

Semper Fi,

Andy Valadez

2:46 PM  

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