Thursday, September 06, 2007

I Felt Like the Media Elite

I have been doing talk radio for decades, including national shows, but rarely do I feel like "the media elite." I admit, the new time and five days a week is great in terms of size of audience (on CNN 650), but starting a show at 7 AM feels more like day labor (except at night because it is still dark).

Well on Tuesday, Mark Pantak got word that some Houston Texan cheerleaders and Houston Rocket Power Dancers were going to be at the Sports Radio 610 morning show with Andre Ware and company. There program is right across the hall from mine. Now on Wednesday when Allen Robinson and I got there to do the Sports Business Edition, I noticed Marc Vandermeer and Andre Ware were looking unusually sharp. Sure enough, right after the show, a crowd of lovely ladies filled their studio.

This morning I had to harass them a little bit, since they looked much more casual today (especially Andre, who was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and a tennis visor). They assured me it was "because of the TV cameras there for the event." Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.

Any way, as I left the studio and saw this group, I thought it was nice to be a part of the so-called "media elite." But then I realized, I was in the wrong studio.
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