Monday, September 03, 2007

Blog/Video: Geico Does It Again

Geico is one of my favorite companies. It has chosen two key themes that matter to consumers when it comes to insurance -- ease of use and price -- and have provided creative ads as the vehicle to get that message across.

We have had geckos and cavemen (so successful they are becoming the theme of an ABC TV show) and now we have some of the most famous fictional characters from TV being caught up in conspiracy theories. The Flintstones, Cabbage Patch Kids, and now Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies have been caught up in serious accusations of secrets and money saving that have only recently come to light. You got to love this stuff!

Geico understands that today's sophisticated consumer isn't interested in merely being informed when watching a commercial, but to be entertained. Geico has this down to an art form. The only down side to the new Geico spots is that they require a little more thought than some of the other ones mentioned. But only a little and after you have thought about it had a hardy laugh, you might want to compare prices on your insurance.
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