Monday, September 24, 2007

Geekipedia from Wired Magazine

I just got my new Wired Magazine (which, for some odd reason gets to my house about a week after it hits the newsstand -- a source of irritation to me) and it included a supplement called "Geekipedia." This glossy magazine is, essentially, a glossary of all the neat terms that the modern geek should know today.

I'm a little afraid to talk about it. Some of these items, I'm sure, are common knowledge to many. But at the risk of looking stupid, here are a few things I discovered.
* There is a Fake Steve Jobs (see video). There is some guy on the Internet that tells people how Jobs really feels about the latest technology. He is not nearly as polite as the real Steve Jobs.
* This guide includes the best summary of energy alternatives I have seen yet, including liquefied coal and the subtle difference between cellulosic ethanol and corn-based ethanol. This is a great source that includes why an energy could be the source of the future and why it may not make it.
* Web 3.0. This concept is still somewhat nebulous and I notice that the Geekipedia is refraining from going into detail on the subject, but it is one more concept that everyone will be talking about in no time. Many have just finally figured out Web 2.0!
I enjoyed my guide and it makes me wonder how I got by without it. However, in a few months, Web 3.0 will be solidly defined, but I won't know it from this magazine. Furthermore, there will be numerous new terms added. It makes one ask the question, why even make a print edition of the wild world of geek language? Wouldn't it be easier to make it purely online?

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