Friday, October 05, 2007

Economy Keeps Growing

In spite of the general malaise that seems to be spreading in the economy, virtually everything I have read beyond the headlines focuses on good news. Sure , the headlines can seem negative, "Huge drop in lower price homes," but the rest of the story tends to be positive ("but home sales in other price ranges reach record highs").

Today on CNBC I learned that the US economy added 110,000 jobs this past month, maintaining a very low 4.7 percent. Meanwhile, the stock market's hold on 14,000 plus seems to be continuing to grow, as seen recently on Fox News. So, in spite of these great numbers, why do we keep having a slightly negative view of things?

I think some of the weakness is due to long term exposure to negative spins on what should be, positive stories. This economy has grown continuously over the last few years in spite of what the media has told us. I am grateful to the few "good guys" out there like Neil Cavuto of Fox News who points out much of the positive news that is often neglected. Consumers of TV news should keep journalists accountable by telling them their opinions and voting with their wallet by supporting companies that advertise on networks that provide a more balanced view of the news.

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