Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Official Fox Business Channel Schedule

So far Direct TV doesn't have any information on the new Fox Business Network schedule and the network's website seems to be failing to work quite often. I'm sure it is mere growing pains. Any way, I finally found a schedule from Gretta Van Susteren's blog. Here's the line up:

• 5-6am: FOX Business Morning Nicole Petallides and Jenna Lee

• 6-10am: Money For Breakfast Alexis Glick, Peter Barnes and Liz MacDonald

• 10am-12pm: FOX Business Tom Sullivan and Cheryl Casone

• 12-2pm: FOX Business Stuart Varney, Dagen McDowell and Connell McShane

• 2-5pm: FOX Business David Asman & Co-Anchor TBD (hmmm… Liz Claman’s available Wednesday)

• 5-6pm: Happy Hour Cody Willard and Rebecca Gomez

• 6-7pm: Neil Cavuto

• 7-8pm: America’s Nightly Scoreboard David Asman

• 8-9pm: The Dave Ramsey Show

• 9-10pm: Cavuto (repeat)

• 10-11pm: [Turn your TV to Fox News Channel’s On The Record]. She's putting a fast one here in a shameless effort to get more viewers, but do you blame her? I actually believe this hour is a repeat of America's Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman.

• 11pm-12am: Happy Hour (repeat)

The station seems to be moving along nicely and glad to see it is getting support from the Fox News Channel.

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