Monday, October 15, 2007

Dave Ramsey on Fox Business

My search for Fox Business is over! I found it on channel 359 on Direct TV (for others who have that service, but don't know where the channel can be found). I found the station to be very fresh, similar to its sister station, Fox News.

One of the things that always concern me about business programming is that such networks often disregard business beyond Wall Street. It is too early to see how Fox will be (unfortunately, I had to work much of the day and didn't get to watch every minute of it), but I was please to see the direction it appears to be going.

In particular, I was delighted to see the Dave Ramsey television show on Fox Business. Dave is an old friend who has been a guest on my own show back when he too was on AM 650 locally. Dave does an excellent job of addressing the "rubber meets the road" issues when it comes to personal finances. Most of our personal dollars are saved and spent on Main Street, rather than Wall Street and he provides great advise in that arena.

I know it is early, but I'm pleased to see the good things going on at the new Fox Business Network.
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