Monday, October 22, 2007

Disney Magic at Your Local Airport

I recently saw an article indicating that when you visit Bush International Airport you will be greeted by a video produced by Disney. The purpose of the video is, according to DiscoverAmerica.com, is "a United States government initiative developed in partnership with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to welcome international visitors to the U.S." It won't be found just at Bush, but airports around the country.

The video isn't very long and it lacks some of the technological splendor that we associate with Disney, but it is certainly a nice film. I'm a Disney fan, I can't help it. The video is warm and makes visitors feel welcome.

I know my more conservative friends won't like it because of the suspicious nature of supporting the government funding of things like this. But one of the roles of government is US relations with the rest of the world. Programs like this certainly does project an image of the US that many visitors are not familiar with. Check out the video yourself and be the judge.

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