Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walmart: Save Money. Live Better

After years of "Always Low Prices," Walmart makes a shift in its message to "Save Money. Live Better." The shift is significant, in my opinion, and is a move from the emphasis on "cheap" to one that focuses on things like value and lifestyle.

I've discussed this company's "War on Poverty" at length in this blog and Walmart has done an excellent job of conveying how they help all Americans. In addition to fighting international poverty by creating stores and producing products in some of the world's poorest places and creating 1.3 million jobs in the United States (the country's largest employer), it actually significantly lowers the cost of living.

The result of making goods at a price that is a fraction of what they would cost in other parts of the world saves US consumers a significant amount of money ($2,500.00 a year on average). This is an incredible savings for consumers. Also, Walmart keeps competitor prices in check as well.

Walmart is an amazing force of efficiency and consumer sensitivity. It is a powerful economic machine that improves the quality of life of everyone. Walmart: Save Money. Live Better. I like it.
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