Thursday, March 20, 2008

Staples Reading BizPlusBlog

Today I received a call from a spokes person of Staple Office Supplies and she just wanted to mention that the box store is moving to Houston. I was delighted to be informed and have written about the company often in BizPlusBlog. Further, I wanted to compare them to the mainstay in Houston, Office Depot.

Vanessa Astros (of the Fleishman-Hillard Agency, which represents Staples) was quick to tell me that "I read your blog on March 13 about how there were no Staples stores in Houston, and I thought to myself...wow, this is perfect timing! Staples will open four stores this year, including the first store on Almeda-Genoa and I-45. It's a real neat story because, as you said, it brings competition and options for consumers." Yes, I am a big fan of competition and am looking forward to seeing a Staples in our area.

Four stores is a pretty aggressive effort and I am looking forward to having one added in my area. Furthermore, she said that there would be a couple more added in 2009. The first one is having it's grand opening next week. It will be interesting to see how many Houstonians will press the "Smart Button."

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