Thursday, March 13, 2008

Staples vs. Office Depot

The Fox Business Channel is blowing and going, and challenging the way people think about "business news." Recently I wrote praises for their new segment "America's Greatest Business Rivals Challenge" in which the first two competitors were Wal-mart versus Target. Such programming is more than mere news, but practical information on how businesses think and work.

Recently, Fox put two other mega box stores up against each other, and this time the stores focus is on mainly business customers. Office Depot takes on Staples for number one. One of the new tools that Fox provides is a financial analysis and business background for each company provided by Funding Universe. On Staples you will find the contact information, statistics, company perspectives (values, missions, etc.), key dates in the company's history, and more. There you will also find similar information on Office Depot.

I'm a pretty big fan of Office Depot and unfortunately, there are no Staples in my area (Houston) that I am aware of. I have said in this blog that I like Staples "Smart Button" much better than the short lived "creepy hand" (I discussed this in an earlier post), but advertising is only one dimension of the show. Over all, I think Office Depot is great in providing informed and helpful service.

As I said before, I like this kind of programming on business television, but I think Fox Business could improve on this great segment by having the results and video footage at the page on the subject at Fox Business web site. That would only increase the value of the segment and the web site. However, I am sure that will happen over time and will be a part of the growing pains of the station.

For more information, check out Money for Breakfast each week on the Fox Business Channel.

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You should make a Fox fan club. You seem to be their biggest advocate.

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