Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Two Years of Blogging

June 26, 2006, a date that will live in infamy! This is, at least, the day I began blogging. My First post, "Taking the Plunge," expressed my genuine concern that this would be one of those things I would begin and eventually stop. I have a checkered history when it comes to such commitments. Two years later, it has become an obsessive habit (according to my darling wife).

The reason for concern persisted for quite some time. I only wrote that one post in June and five each for July and August. None had a single photo. I struggled over what to write and early on it looked as though it would have a strong, local appeal. In September, the number of blog posts exploded. In fact, I almost consider September 1 as the day BizPlusBlog.com began. In that post, I committed to write much more often and I have. Photos didn't come until November of 2006 and became a regular part of the blog every post after that until videos and other media came much later still. The effort to make this a "real" blog has slowly proved itself.

In the past two years, the blog has become rewarding on many fronts. It now enjoys a title sponsor (ITEX), response from readers came from around the country, and syndication of the articles has occured in many national publications. Examples of many the posts found else where include Reuters, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, and many others.

I know I have lots of work left to do. It remains an interesting journey. If you have been thinking about blogging, jump in, the water is great. On the subject of blogging, I thought you might enjoy the above interview with Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad.
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Anonymous Jim Madison said...

Cool post. It may be time for me to jump in. Thanks for sharing your experience.

8:31 AM  

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