Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Changes at Fox News

The last year has been very volatile for the Fox News network. New shows arriving, old shows going, and the reshuffling of various personalities. Just when it appeared the dust may finally have begun to settle, we hear there are more changes coming for the network.

One of my favorite information sources, Mediabistro, reported the following this past week:

"TVNewser has learned America's Election HQ is returning to the Fox News Channel schedule beginning Monday. The 5pm ET show will be anchored by a rotating series of anchors through election day. E.D. Hill will host next week."

"Just In with Laura Ingraham ends its three-week run tomorrow. Ingraham was aware the show was temporary, and she will continue as primary fill-in for Bill O'Reilly."

"As for John Gibson whose show, Big Story, was replaced by America's Election HQ in February, he continues his show on Fox News Radio."

I'm delighted to see E.D. Hill back on a more regular basis and look forward to her having a designated spot daily once again. She is one of the more articulate and intelligent broadcast journalists today.

Laura Ingraham knew going into her recent show, Just In, that the program was intended to be temporary. How long, nobody knew. We have recently found out it was a mere three weeks. Ironically, she is losing this show just as she worked out the negotiations on her radio program and is back on the airwaves for that successful program. Ingraham is fine on TV, but better on the radio. I almost think that she welcomes the changes.

Meanwhile, John Gibson, will remain on the radio. However, if they are rotating hosts for America's Election HQ, we might see him on that program. We will have to wait and see. When it comes to the media, about the only constant you can depend on is change.

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Anonymous Matthew Lewis said...

The changes are so vast and so many, it almost looks like a different channel.

8:02 AM  

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