Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dark Reasons Behind the Pro-Romney Crowd?

Many are advocating Mitt Romney for John McCain's choice for Vice President and it seems as though he is the one to beat. We are told that it is due to several factors:

* He is handsome and charismatic

* He proved an ability to get elected in very liberal states (he was, after all, governor of Massachusetts)

* He has an enormous amount of money and knows people with money, which will certainly help a campaign that is limping along financially

* he has done an effective job of marketing himself as a Conservative.

I'm not joining the bandwagon for several reasons of my own:

* Romney had been a liberal for years and "matured" on the issues rather late in his career

* In spite of spending as much as ten times more per vote (or more) than Governor Huckabee and Senator McCain, Romney had little to show for it as far as electoral success

* Romney is particularly weak when it comes to bringing in votes in the crucial Southern states, which have proven imperative in getting Republicans elected

What I find interesting is that the people who are promoting Romney are the media, who have made it clear they are largely supporting Obama in November and Conservative Republicans who implied that they wouldn't support McCain if he got the nomination. It appears with Romney on the ticket, they are guaranteeing the Republican Party's demise.

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