Friday, July 11, 2008

NBC's Smart Choice on Meet the Press

Like many other news jukies, I have been curious about the future of Meet the Press. The show had become one of the most respected in the news industry thanks to the leadership of Tim Russert and finding a replacement was quickly becoming a sacred task. However, instead of thoughtful deliberation, it appeared the network had quickly narrowed it down to Chris Matthews as the heir appearent.

Many bloggers, including myself, advocated Tom Brokaw as a transitional candidate to replace Russert. Virtually all the major news stories seemed to dismiss this as a possibility early on in the discussions, but I guess the message finally got through and Brokaw took that spot.

It is clear, however, that Brokaw is an interim host and the future seems unclear. One candidate for the host spot was Ted Koppel, who just recently got taking off of the short list according to Mediabistro. Regarding Meet the Press, Koppel said "That's the kind of thing that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. They need to find somebody younger than Tim, not older than Tim. He was 58. I'm 68. I just don't think it's realistic."

"If I were to do something like that, it could only be for a relatively short period. I don't think that would suit either NBC or me." It isn't like Koppel needs the work, he is now working with Discovery, National Public Radio, and (most recently) BBC America.

So what about the future of Meet the Press? It is hard to say. Many had no idea Koppel was on the list, so the announcement that individuals were on it seems to be stated after they are elininated. Very rude, but it creates a great deal of interest. NBC has stated that it isn't interested in one of the "cable guys," while saying Chris Matthews was a major candidate (who is primarily known for his work with MSNBC). However, I am going to stick my neck out there and say that I think one of the stronger candidates is Anderson Cooper at CNN. Although he is young (which means he can serve in that chair for many years), he is taken seriously by most in the media. We will have to wait and see.

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Anonymous Joseph said...

I have to agree with your choice on A.C.
He's young, yes, but I think that that gives him an edge from all other candidates in the retrospect that he can attract viewers of a much broader age and demo and enhance the show to become more interesting to some younger viewers.
It will impossible to recreate another Tim Russert, but Cooper would fill the slot nicely.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Rightwingsnarkle said...

Personally, I thought that Tim Russert was not a very good journalist.

8:37 PM  

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