Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Screen People Will Watch in the Future is in Your Pocket

The "first screen" we have known and loved for decades has been the television. In recent years our passions have turned to our laptop and PC screen, but the screen of the future is going to have us squinting. At least those my age.

At a recent convention in San Francisco reported in CNET, Marketers discussed the various vehicles they are using to reach today's teens. The overwhelming vehicle choice is the mobile device. What does the future hold for mobile communications? "Mobile phones in the United States will surpass the popularity of desktops for teens. Only an estimated 20 percent of teens currently own a smartphone such as the iPhone, but mobile phone and content companies are counting on the idea that smartphone adoption will spread fast among teens in middle America and other areas."

In the future, there will be more and more ads being sent to mobile devices. This is because they can target the audicence better by interest, age, gender, and geography. Furthermore, text ads get noticed in a way web ads and (in particular) email spam never enjoys.

One definite piece of good news for fans of traditional media is that these devices will actually bolster the health of television, not undermine it. Devices will be able to use more video (20 percent of all young people already have smart telephones such as the iPhone, as stated above) and ads that would normally be on TV will also show up on the small screen.

The future of media looks very interesting and very small.

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