Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poll Show Obama Wins by a Landslide

It's true that McCain and Palin should probably give up. Obama wins by a landslide. This is the story from BBC of a survey of the 22 countries they provide news service to. That list includes Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the UAE, Britain and the United States. Unfortunately for Obama, the United States is in the survey, but on its own now leans slightly towards McCain (at the time this was written). Also unfortunate for Obama, it is the only country that matters.

Here are a few results from the survey:

* At the time of the poll, all the countries surveyed wanted Obama over McCain. Again, the results have changed recently where it matters, with US surveys showing a dead heat or a slight lead for McCain.

* 17 of 22 countries expect improvements in US relations with the rest of the world under Obama.

* America's NATO allies and Australia were most optimistic about what an Obama Administration would do for US relations (61 percent).

The reasons for such results outside of the US may be attributed to several different reasons. He is the least American (in the traditional sense of the word) of any candidate in our country's history. Even he has discussed the contrasts between him and other Presidents (a tactic that has backfired). For quite some time the non-US world has often been hostile to Americans. Furthermore, he tends to demonstrate an elitism that is common among European politicians, but doesn't resonate very well in this country. His recent remarks about the inability of most Americans to speak any French may have went over well in Europe, but angered people here who wonder why he is concerned about our French, but not about the huge foreign population here that doesn't know English. It is that some what strange incongruity that has many here less excited than those around the planet.

Than there is the bad news for Obama found in the results. In addition to the fact that his weakest level of support is in the only place where surveys such as this matter, Obama isn't the only candidate to have had similar favor and less than satisfactory results. ABC notes that "a similar BBC/Globescan poll conducted ahead of the 2004 U.S presidential election found that, of 35 countries polled, 30 would have preferred to see Democratic nominee John Kerry, rather than the incumbent George Bush, who was elected." Isn't there a famous statement to the effect of "what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose the Electoral College?" It is something like that.

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