Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is Barack Obama a Racist?

Radio and TV Host Glenn Beck has created quite a stir this past week in stating that Barack Obama "is a racist." It has been interesting reviewing the news headlines and seeing stories of deaths due to the war on terror, political scandals that are bringing down governments and international tensions caused by rogue regimes that we find Glenn Beck right there with all of them, because of his statement on an early morning cable show.

The political left, predictably, has come out in full force dismissing the claim:

The Osterly Times declares that "Glenn Beck's inability to hide the fact that he is an utter moron explodes into the open once more on Fox News when he, without bringing forward a single example, decides that Barack Obama is a racist."

Rose Conley of the Examiner simply declares that "Glenn Beck is stupid."

Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg proclaimed that Beck is a "Lying Sack of Dog Mess" in the Huffington Post.

Robert Paul Reyes, at Newsblaze.com, says: "Beck's claims are so crazy that I feel silly refuting them. Obama with his multi-cultural background, and his inclusive and open administration, is the very symbol of racial harmony." He goes on to say that "Moderation, contemplation, reasoned discourse and a bipartisanship spirit have been banished from the GOP. The birthers, tea baggers, Palin nuts and demented pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Beck are now in control of the Republican Party. "

That last quote is worth further review. It is time to simply look at the facts.

  • Obama nominated a person for the Supreme Court who is, without question, a racist. Sotomayor has demonstrated such in many speeches as she discussed the superiority of "Latina women" over white males in the courtroom on the lecture circuit and was demonstrated in how she discriminated against white firefighters in a court case that was later overturned by the Supreme Court.

  • When a well respected police officer (who actually teaches racial sensitivity training) arrests a black man for disorderly conduct (when a person yells they will not show a police officer his ID because it is "racist," that is disorderly), Obama calls the officer and the police department "stupid." Comedian Bill Cosby, when asked about it, simply said "I wasn't there." He went on to suggest a sensible approach would be to ask both sides. That does seem more Presidential.

  • In his biography and speeches, you would never know that Obama was raised by white family members and that the black side of his family lineage virtually did not exist in his life. He had only a brief encounter that is measured in days with his African father. He seems to love a culture that abandoned him and is embarrassed by one that embraced him.

So, is Obama a racist? I think it is safe to say that he is certainly predisposed to such. Furthermore, he is an elitist of epic proportions as demonstrated in his treatment of individuals who didn't enjoy the education background afforded to him, be it the rural white people who "cling to their guns and religion" or the police officer trying to make tough decisions in the rough streets that surround Boston. The bottom line is Obama does not have the temperament necessary to represent the needs and interests of all Americans.

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