Saturday, July 25, 2009

The "Rest of the Story" on David Asman of Fox Business

David Asman of Fox Business, who was a guest on my program a few months back, spoke with passion about a terrible incident that happened when his wife and him were traveling to London, England. In his own words, from an article in the Wall Street Journal, he talks about being approached by an employee of the hotel they were staying at: "'Mr. Asman, could you come down to the gym? Your wife appears to be having a small problem.' In typical British understatement, this was the first word I received of my wife's stroke. We had arrived in London the night before for a two-week vacation. We spent the day sightseeing and were planning to go to the theater. I decided to take a nap, but my wife wanted to get in a workout in the hotel's gym before theater. Little did either of us know that a tiny blood clot had developed in her leg on the flight to London and was quietly working its way up to her heart. Her workout on the Stairmaster pumped the clot right through a too-porous wall in the heart on a direct path to the right side of her brain. Hurrying down to the gym, I suspected that whatever the 'small' problem was, we might still have time to make the play. Instead, our lives were about to change fundamentally, and we were both about to experience firsthand the inner workings of British health care." He goes on to make one of the most eloquent arguments I have heard about the horrors of socialized medicine.

What stayed with me in that interview was the amount of "heart" he had in this discussion about saving his wife. You hope every man or woman would have the same amount of passion in wanting to save his or her partner. In Asman it was awe aspiring. I understand more so why this is the case after learning the "rest of the story." A friend of mine, who knew how much I liked Asmen refereed to me an article from the Miami Hearald called "A Revolutionary Love Story."

It reads like an adventure novel with a romantic bent. In it, Asman describes his adventures as a journalist in Nicaragua in the dangerous days of the Communist Revolution. While there he is introduced to Marta Cecilia, a revolutionary herself who grew to find that the communists were merely offering another brand of totalitarianism. She quickly gave up her government job, which made her a threat to the new regime and even became a critic of the revolution. With people being arrested left and right for criticizing the government, it was clear Cecilia had to get out. During all this drama, Asman and Cecilia fell very much in love and an amazing story unfolded that resulted in their life together as a family with children in New York City today. The article reads like great fiction, but it is absolutely true. I'm only scratching the surface. I suggest you read the entire article yourself. To hear my interview with Asman, click here.

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