Thursday, March 08, 2007

ABC Taking Geico Caveman Prime Time?

It's true, ABC seems very interested in having a series based around the character in the quite famous Geico TV commercials. I say "real" TV series (with quotation marks), because the commercials already are just that -- a series of commercials with an actual storyline (one of the reasons the network became so interested in it). They are a mini TV series. All ABC will do is make them an actual show with a little less product placement.

I have been impressed by these commercials for quite some time and commented on them weeks ago. They are important to the world of advertising because they recognize one of the biggest challenges facing sales and marketing today -- how do you keep the consumer's interest? The era of the same old commercial -- regardless of how cute, clever, or even sexy -- being enough for the viewer to take notice is over. In the future, commercials will look like actual programming.

In the March Issue of Wired Magazine the cover story is about our "snack culture" in which individuals want small pieces of entertainment that they can consume quickly and then move on to other items. This lends very well to the Internet and to companies smart enough to take an advertising approach like Geico. These cavemen commercials are revolutionary today, I predict they will be common place tomorrow.

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Anonymous Alan Martin said...

Your article made me hungry. And so does all this new media. I agree, media is shrinking, but I think it is getting less satisfying.

3:55 PM  

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