Monday, March 05, 2007

Bill Maher to America: "If Cheney Was Dead, More Americans Would Be Alive"

Bill Maher (photo to the left, possibly frightening himself) has been irresponsible when it comes to his approach to current affairs for years. He even lost his show on ABC called "Politically Incorrect" because of terribly insensitive comments about September 11th (essentially he argued that the terrorists were brave as they stayed in the planes as they hit the buildings, while the US were cowards as they lobbed missiles at their enemies.). Now Maher (on his HBO show Real Time) defends the radically liberal blog, the "Huffington Post," where it was suggested by many readers of that site that we would all be better off if Vice President Dick Cheney were dead (expressing disappointment over the failed assassination attempt against the VP this past week.). His only criticism of Huffington's propaganda tool is that the posts were removed following pressure by more responsible voices of the media.

Bill Maher has a cult following and I wouldn't be surprised of some maniac in this country become "inspired" by his comments and go after Mr. Cheney in a quest to "save lives." Many actually applauded his comments in the audience. There was a time in this nation's history where if individuals made such a comment, it would be interpreted as an actual threat against that elected official. I miss those good old days. Like the person who yells "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater, this goes beyond the boundaries of free speech.

I don't believe HBO should bother to ask for an insincere apology (the only kind Maher is capable of giving). Instead it should demand that Maher leave immediately and simply suggest that he don't let the door hit himself as he leaves the building. People who have HBO should cancel and sign up for one of the many other movie channels that are out there until the network takes just such a stand to that type of behavior. I'm shocked by the collective yawn being demonstrated by most Americans over this behavior. Freedom is a two sided coin, the other side is stamped firmly with responsibility. It is time for us to hold Maher and HBO responsible for its quest for freedom through the abandonment of common decency. Let's hold them responsible. If you agree, contact HBO today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maher is an idiot. Why waste time even writing about him though?

11:25 PM  
Blogger Kevin Price said...

I agree, but he has a rather large audience, which I don't understand. I guess I want people to fully understand what they are supporting when they watch his show.

3:57 PM  

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