Saturday, March 03, 2007

You Always Wondered What the Green Room Looked Like

Every serious talk show mentions the Green Room. That wonderful place where celebrities lounge and relax while waiting for the opportunity to show off to their audience. Over the years I have mentioned ours, but never revealed them until now.
You have heard such a room mentioned on the Today Show, discussed on Leno, and joked about on the David Letterman Show. Now, exclusively for listeners of the Houston Business Show, we are bringing our Green room to you (see the picture to the right).
You are seeing the very place our guests enjoy only the finest refreshments and visit before the show, where our experts plan their time on the air, and where great radio is developed. Note the comfortable chairs (there are actually a couple there, stacked), the well stocked vending machines (there's a soda machine next to the one pictured). With a coffee maker producing brew that will put hair in your chest, who needs Starbucks? Yes it is fabulous and although Hollywood won't show you their secret Green Rooms, I thought you would like to see what I'm referring to on most every show. Now you can see why our guests are anxious to get in the studio!

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Anonymous Bob Friedman said...

Wow, fancy! You have removed the mystique. How does your room compare to others?

10:18 AM  
Blogger Kevin Price said...

I'm sure none of them are as nice as ours. It's a beauty!

11:27 PM  

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