Monday, March 19, 2007

When Sports Publications Take Themselves Too Seriously

Sports publications tend to want to shift to "serious" journalism whenever they can (e.g. current events news, business news, etc.). Keith Oberman of MSNBC used to be an anchor on ESPN and now he is one of the most liberal hosts on TV. About a week ago Sports Illustrated decided to take on the heady issue of climate change as a cover story of its magazine.

The cover was compelling (see photo, left), with water up to the thighs of an ace picture at the Florida Marlin's stadium. It is made to make us fear the future, not only of the weather and the planet, but of sports itself (something that is a real concern to armchair quarterbacks)

The magazine is full of speculation and is alarmist, but does not have much science, except for the anecdotes at the beginning of the story. I don't consider Sports Illustrated a serious source for science or current events (except for maybe steroid use of athletes). I actually want it to be the one place I can check out from all the drama dominating the news and where I can focus on my favorite past times.

I get my science, politics, and other current event information else where. I want my sports publications to do the important thing of keeping me entertained.

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