Monday, March 12, 2007

On This Week's Houston Business Show

On this week's Houston Business Show I interviews Jim Stein of the Bank of Houston, Steve Hansen of Summit Financial Resources, and Jim O'Neill of Lone Star Sound.
Jim Stein discussed the enormous growth of the Bank of Houston and the secret of the bank's success. The Bank of Houston has gone from $20 million in assets to over $200 in just two years and he attributes that growth to its commitment to community banking. As a result it has gone from a single main location to three in just two years with future growth in mind.

Steve Hansen of Summit Financial Resources discussed an up coming speaking event for the National Association of Business Women Owners in which he will help that audience develop "a financial statement bankers will drool over." Coming up on March 22, I think any person in business will find it helpful.

Jim O'Neill, our latest business show expert discussed his new blog entry about to be added to HoustonBusinessShow.com. It is all about YouTube and how smart entrepreneurs can take advantage of that unique website to promote their business. In addition, Jim discussed a new program that we are developing to give people the opportunity to get TV ad exposure with virtually no production costs. For more information click here.

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