Friday, March 09, 2007

Have You Ever Seen Technorati's Blog Rankings?

My oldest son signed this blog up with Technorati and, from what I can tell, it is moving up its ranking fairly well. The lower the number, the higher the popularity, I went from being in the several millions a few months back to being around 380,000 (give or take a few) today (of over 65 million blogs). I became curious to find out about the top ten. What kind of sites are a part of the Tecnorati elite? I'm sure all of them had to register with Technorati to be noticed, but I can't say for sure. However, what I can say for sure, is that blogs still appear to be a part of geek heaven.

Here is the top ten list cited directly from Technorati's Popular page with my comments in bold/italics:

1. Engadget (see logo above)
By WeblogsInc · 3 hours ago
27,336 blogs link here
All about technology and for serious students of such at that. Check out the number of blogs with link there. With my entry here, make that 27,337.

2. Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
Boing Boing is a weblog of cultural curiosities and interesting technologies. It's the most popular blog in the world, as ranked by Technorati.com, and won the Lifetime Achievement and Best Group Blog awards at the 2006 Bloggies ceremony.
By Mark Frauenfelder · 2 hours ago
20,327 blogs link here
Boing Boing hasn't read the writing on the Technorati wall, it is now number two by a rather large number. However, it has huge support and, again, a strong technology focus.

3. Creative Commons Deed
16 hours ago
19,993 blogs link here
This is a hang out for scientists, researches, and others who have intellectual property to protect.

4. Gizmodo, The Gadget Guide
3 hours ago
17,107 blogs link here
The name says it all. It is another technology haven.

5. Techcrunch
By Michael Arrington · 2 hours ago
16,872 blogs link here
Ditto here. Five of the first five are largely made by geeks, for geeks.

6. The Huffington Post
By Arianna Huffington · 4 hours ago
14,572 blogs link here
Finally a blog for the rest of us! A blog people like myself can actually read! Unfortunately it is about politics and has a liberal axe to grind. I have to admit it though, I check it out fairly often. The stories are largely well written and the content vast. Admittedly, some of the stories are outrageous, but it is an attractive site none the less.

7. TodayLink.ir اخبار ایران و جهان
3 hours ago
13,569 blogs link here
I'm sorry, I read English! Seriously, this Iranian news oriented blog is the most popular non-English blog on the web.

8. Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide
4 hours ago
13,021 blogs link here
Another geek guide.

9. Daily Kos: State of the Nation
4 hours ago
11,462 blogs link here
Another rare non-tech blog in the top ten. Like Huffington, it has a left wing political agenda.

10. PostSecret.
PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.
By frank warren · 19 hours ago
10,949 blogs link here
This is unlike any blog in the top ten and unique among blogs in general. I've seen it on TV and am impressed how big of a crowd it attracts.

So what do I learn from this study of the leading blogs? Generally they must be fairly high tech or politically liberal. Oh well, tough luck. I'm none of the above. Other important traits is that they are highly focused as a rule (something mine needs some work on as well) and they actually have a great deal of traction (which requires time, something I am starting to get).

Over time I hope that blogs warm up to right wingers, who like to discuss a plethora of issues, and who feels fortunate just being able to turn on my computer. We will have to wait and see!

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