Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Case for Independent Films

Houston Business Show Advisor Andy Valadez, reported the following to me: "Our client T4 Pictures just received 5 Dove Award Seals (the highest award given) for the script 'School of Redemption'. They also said it was the best script they had ever read in the family genre! You can read the strong review here: Dove Award."

"This seal recognition will open a lot of doors for the movie makers as it will increase the chances for distribution, sourcing an investor, product placement deals, and attracting name actors. This, at a time when theatre owners are looking for family movies, because of traffic turnout. The business plan identified that there was a huge opportunity to make a family movie that crosses generations."
I want to congratulate T4 and Andy Valadez, check out his whole article here. Check out my earlier discussion on the value of Independent Films as an investment here.

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