Thursday, February 07, 2008

Firebrand...What I'm Watching and Why

For months I have been wanting to watch Firebrand on TV. Tonight I finally got to watch it and it is absolutely fascinating. Essentially it is little more than a series of commercials. Hilarious, clever, and memorable commercials. My wife walked in around half way through and we had to turn the TV to her favorite show (Two and a Half Men).

Any way, I got to see enough of it to heighten my curiosity. Here are a few observations:

* The show is introduced by an attractive young lady that reminds me a "VJ" in the VH1 or MTV tradition. I guess this makes her a "CJ".

* This young lady says very little and doesn't separate each commercial with commentary, but instead merely tells the audience what is coming up next.

* In addition to commercials, logos of the brands are lined up on the top and the bottom of the screen.

* They generally choose outstanding ones that are worth watching because of their entertainment or visual value.

* I looked at the website while watching the TV show and the two really mirrored each other. It was excellent.

This show has raised some questions....

* Does every company that has a commercial, pay to be on? If so, it would be cheap since the show is nothing but commercials. Talk about product placement.

* If they have actual commercials that are not part of the program, it is news to me. I would love to hear from others who know what this show is all about.

* The show is on ION Television, which is noted for being wall to wall infomercials. Is that all this program actually is?

It is an interesting program, but it reminds me of the old saying that there is a thing line between genius and stupid. I haven't quite figured out what side of the line this show lands.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Firebrand. Half of all people who watch the Super Bowl are there for the commercials. Why wouldn't they love Firebrand?

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Wayne Ballard said...

Yeah, I watch that show. My wife thinks I'm stupid. Who would sit and watch commercials? I know it is crazy, but I like them.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Kim Roberts said...

That girl isn't the only one does this show. She is my favorite though.

8:36 PM  

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