Monday, January 21, 2008

Eagerly Waiting Recession

I love the movie "The Matrix." It is smart and imaginative. Yes, it's violent, but even that seemed to have a purpose. I love the scene where Agent Smith tells Neo the truth about the world he has always known. He tells the hero that in earlier attempts the machines attempted to make a perfect virtual world so that humans would be happy while they waited to be batteries for the machines. Smith goes on to say that it made the humans miserable and they had to give us the current world plagued with challenges and problems in order to make us content. We lived for bad things, he argued, and the Matrix accomodates such.

I like to consider myself an optimist, but there is a part of this story rings true. One of my earliest posts was on the "Real Economy." Back in July of 2006, when the economy was booming, I wrote that "any way, the news isn't good, but the economy keeps on chugging along at excellent levels." In spite of the news today, we only have a very slight drop in the economy over the last month. According to economists, it takes six months of decline to be called a "receission." But believe me, we will keep hearing recession talk, even if February shows a dramatic up swing. The media business is actually the bad news business. They thrive as long as the media is bad, in their opinion.

I'm not ready to buy the recession rhetoric, regardless of how strongly it is pushed down my throat. A recession requires six month of economic decline. We have only seen a soft month. I believe we had years of recession rhetoric, yet continued prosperity. We should continue to determine our economic destiny.
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Anonymous Boycott the News said...

They should call the media, the Bad News Bears. In this case, it wouldn't be a compliment. They drove this economy into its current state.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I alway believed that we need to buy gold! Now more than ever.

11:16 PM  
Anonymous John Smythe said...

The problem with Conservatives is that they would like to pretend that everything is fine, when there are genuine concerns about the economy. Will you still be "Mr. Goodnews" when the Democrats take over?

9:25 PM  

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