Friday, March 28, 2008

Pelosi on Super Delegates

The Democrats unique voters in their primary process -- the Super Delgates -- are charged with protecting the interest of their party. It is doubtful they will fulfill that mandate as the race between Obama and Clinton continues to spiral. The "rules" about the Super Delegates are simple. These leaders in the party are expected to vote in a way they seem fit to meet the needs of the party as they perceive it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now telling these delegates that they would be in error to support any candidate other than Obama, because they must reflect the opinion of the majority of Democratic voters. Clinton supporters are arguing that it is time for a reality check.

* There are no specific guidelines and Pelosi's demands are arbitrary

* The argument that Obama has more Democratic votes ignores that he is having a very difficult time winning truly Democratic states. He tends to win the states that Republicans are going to get in November.

* Most of those votes were cast before "Preacher Gate", in which Obama's Pastor showed a racist and even anti-American bent that is of concern to many Democrats. I doubt Obama will be able to carry Wright into November.

Currently, Pelosi is the most powerful woman in the US Government and has reached the highest elected position in our nation's history. I am sure she would like to maintain that role and many are wondering whether that passion is more important to her than the interests of her party.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, aren't you promoting a conspiracy theory? I think she wants Democrats to do well above all else.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

I don't know why she didn't come out to be greeted with a big Texas howdy. We're polite... up to the point she starts messing with our nation.

On second thought, probably best she didn't poke her head out.

8:42 PM  

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