Monday, March 24, 2008

"That Was Easy"

Last week I received emails and calls from the people at Fleishman Hillard (a PR firm) about my blog posts regarding Staples and I wrote about the stir they were creating. Fleishman Hillard represents the office supply store.

Today, I received a Federal Express package at the studio. My producer said, "If you think it is going to blow, please take it to another studio" rather than the one adjacent to her room. Fortunately, it didn't blow, but it did contain one of the most important forms of technology of all time... a Smart Button (at least that is the impression one gets from the commercial).

I commend Vaness Astros of Fleishman Hillard for the innovative and energetic work they are doing and their ongoing efforts for Staples. I love creativity and hard work. As a result, they are in this blog again and I am mentioning again that they are, in fact, opening a store here in Houston this week. There will soon be no more waiting!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you on Staples payroll?

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Rachel Phillips said...

Kevin, it's nice to see someone publicly praising creativity and hard work; they tend to be the staples (no pun intended) of the small business owner.

10:14 AM  

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