Monday, March 16, 2009

Is There an Upside to Obama?

Friends of liberty everywhere are up in arms over the dangerous rise of Barack Obama. People are storing up guns, discussing relocation to other countries, and are even stashing away cash in anticipation that things will likely get worse instead of better under this Administration. In fact, I'm one of many who believe that Obama wants things to get worst so that he can promote an ever expanding role for government.

With all the alarm, is there an upside to Barack Obama as President? I think so and here are a few examples:
  • Barack Obama is one of the most polarising politicians in US history. For the first time in decades, the political camps have been very well defined. This creates clarity that I believe is long over due.

  • Because we have Obama and his Democratic colleagues in Congress, it will be very easy for the American people to determine who is responsible for the direction we are going. Obama owns this economy and the direction the nation is going as a whole.

  • I, for one, am delighted to not have faux Conservative in the White House. I have long stop defending Bush, but the media continually described Bush as someone who represents the Right. His insane and at times unAmerican policies were often projected as "Conservative," which could not be further from the case. Let the Democrats defend Obama for while!

  • This situation is forcing politicians to define who they are and what they believe in like we haven't seen in years. This was painful for many, an epiphany for others. We need many to have life changing experiences and we need more to be accountable.

  • This is forcing true believers in liberty to stop being co-dependents to liberal Republicans who have destroyed our reputation, if not our integrity. It appears we are not taking it any more. It is about time.

In spite of all this "up side," those who support free enterprise, limited government, and pro-family values have plenty to make them concerned. Surviving Barack Obama and over coming the obvious addiction the general population has of government will be no small task. But instead of being at the end of America's greatness, our best days may be yet to come. In 1979 I was getting involved in politics as a teenager at a time that seemed to me was our darkets hour. Our international reputation was laughable, inflation and unemployment were at double digits, and another country seemed to be falling under Communist influence every few months. At the time it seemed like the sun was falling on a great nation. In reaitly, it was a dawn of a new era. Our best days could still be ahead of us. That choice is ours.

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