Friday, March 23, 2007

When it Comes to Iraq, Can the Democrats Afford Victory?

On the news this morning there is discussion of a bill in the US House of Representatives designed to put a deadline for US troop withdrawal from Iraq. I agree with many of those in the military that setting a deadline is the equivalent of providing important strategy information to our enemies. The logic is simple: if the enemy knows when we are going to leave they will know when to increase attacks (weeks up to withdrawal in order to make sure the US leaves). Congress forcing the President's hand in this way is paramount to treason, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, since the troop surge, violence has dropped significantly, areas are becoming more controllable, and people are cooperating with the US forces (including the turning in of terrorists). Everyone from the ground forces to the brass are reporting momentum in the right direction.

With each story indicating good news, the Democrats are getting more concerned. In fact, imagine what would happen to the Democrats, politically, if we actually won the war. They have invested in their rhetoric, policies, and positions in defeat. To win now would be devastating for Democrats, what a sad position for them to be in.

I'm not arguing that the Democrats lack patriotism, but rather that they have forced themselves into such a terrible position that can make them appear that way. We need to recognize the position they are in when they state their positions we develop our views accordingly. For me, I join the 57% of the population that doesn't want to leave without victory and I believe in our troops ability to meet that objective.

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Blogger StealthMarketer said...


Our troops need people like you in the media to counter the "group think" from the left who live in a strange world of denial. Thank God for America and its stand on terrorism. Making the whole world safer for everyone.

Semper Fi!

Andy Valadez
USMC 88 to 92

p.s. Remembering the Marines of Beirut 1983, 241 Marines killed by a suicide bomber. We have been dealing with this for decades. Finally, glad to see that we are taking it to the enemy. We shouldn't stop until the job is done.

7:50 PM  

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