Monday, December 03, 2007

CNBC's Fox Business Channel Survey

According to MediaBistro.com, CNBC wants to know what Fox Business viewers think about the new company:

In what appears to be one of that newest CNBC viewer surveys, the network wants to know what you think of the competition. A screengrab posted yesterday on Inside Cable News by way of the Reportercaps message board showed a CNBC survey asking respondents to rate the CNBC and FBN personalities, in a rating from excellent to poor, or unfamiliar.
Some of the Fox Business anchors on the list were David Asman, Alexis Glick (formerly of CNBC), Dagen McDowell and Cody Willard.

It is interesting that news of such a survey comes from the CNBC camp rather than Fox. I expected to see such long before Fox Business was launched if, for no other reason, to know how to posture themselves in this new environment.
If I have said it before, I have said it many times, I like both CNBC and Fox Business. In fact, I'm watching The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch while working on this. But if I'm CNBC, I would be worried about Fox. The network is much more personality driven than CNBC, in my opinion and I believe most people find that attractive. It will be interesting to see how the battle between these two networks progresses.
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