Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dow Breaks 13,000 Again -- in the Right Direction!

A few days ago I noted that the Stock Market broke 13,000 points, but in the wrong direction. The market is at it again, but this time it broke its way back up, all the way to 13,371.72. In fact, the last week was the best we have seen in months.

Still, with the amazing market volatility, I think Fox Business and CNBC should get Dramamine as a title sponsor of many of their programs. The wild roller coast ride called the Stock Market is enough to make anyone sick.

The recent stress in the stock market has been great news for the media. According to MediaBistro, the channels that specialize in reporting such are enjoying a surge in viewers (which is usually followed by advertising revenue). The market remains near an all time high, unemployment is incredibly low, and the economy as whole remains quite strong. Yet, you won't easily read, see, or hear such in the business media. Instead we will only by plagued by stories of sub-prime trauma and foreclosures. That's the news media we "enjoy" today.

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