Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bob Barr Running for President?

Just when it appeared that we were thinning out the number of candidates in the race for the Presidency, it appears another might be jumping in. Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia is poised to announce his candidacy.

Bob Barr, who lead the charge for impeachment against Bill Clinton, became the target of Democratic revenge and lost his seat in 2002. Barr eventually left the Republican Party and joined the Libertarian Party. This departure was due to Barr's opposition to the war in Iraq and the failure of Republicans to tackle fiscal problems.
He and Ron Paul are allies and the latter has yet to endorse McCain or even formally withdraw from the race. However, Paul has sacrificed his House seat before for a third party Presidential run and he is likely gun shy to pursue such again. Furthermore, the 71 year old might like to "pass the torch" to Barr after the long campaign. The two are old friends with very similar beliefs. Both Barr and Paul have been very critical of Senator McCain.
This has the potential to muddy the waters, although I think most Republicans will see that this race is too important for us to cast a protest vote.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barr always struck me as arrogant.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Randy Paul said...

Barr is now running. Big Deal!

9:09 PM  

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