Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Donald Trump's Business Challenges

No one is going to play violins or weep over Donald trump. He is strong headed , often arrogant, and conveys the perception that he can handle anything. Yet, he is a great marketer and his life is consumed with challanges that most could ever imagine. I began to appreciate this, recently when I reviewed some (of the dozens) of recent headlines about him at Google:

* Salmond 'unaware of Trump lifeline'The Press Association - The First Minister has said he had no idea Donald Trump's application for a £1 billion golf resort would be thrown a lifeline by the Scottish Government. ...See all stories on this topic. This is one of many articles on Trump's golf course struggles.

* Note to Israel in dealing with the Gaza: "Let those people go"OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USABefore I get into the next case, I want you who read this piece to listen to the words of Donald Trump who has called Bush “The worst president in history”. ...See all stories on this topic. Bush chimes in on international affairs.

* New Orleans needs our helpNewsday - Long Island,NY,USADonald Trump says the residents of Nassau County should welcome his catering hall to Jones Beach and make special concessions for variances, permits, ...See all stories on this topic. Trump leads a charge to save New Orleans.

* Bonnie Donny, The Isle o' Lewis Is Pining for YeWall Street Journal - USARocks to Riches: Donald Trump's mother grew up in a house now grassy ruins. Her son's properties are dotted round the US and include an apartment in Trump ...See all stories on this topic. Trump is used as a point of reference to prove the fame of someone else.

* TRUMP SUES PHILIPPINE PROPERTY FIRM FOR USING HIS NAMEPR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,AustriaBusiness tycoon DONALD TRUMP is suing a property company in the Philippines over the unauthorised use of his name in one of their housing projects. ...See all stories on this topic. When you feel sorry for how often Donald Trump is sued, remember, he can dish it out.

I think you get the idea. Sure, he has many people who manage these many battles for him. Furthermore, he is well compensated for all of these efforts. But I simply can't say that Trump's life is simple.
Above is a video by the people who spread the rumor about Trump's $10,000 tip (which proved to not be true. This is all part of Donald's interesting life.

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