Monday, February 18, 2008

Watch Out for the Fakes

For quite some time we have been told that watches are in decline. That cell phone, which also computes, searches the web, and serves several other functions (including facilitating conversations) is now also the standard time piece for the younger generations. In fact, at 46 I am anything but the "younger set," but I find myself simply not looking for my watch because I know I can pull out my phone to tell the time.

Now, a recent article by Business Week is finding that biggest brands of watches is taking a beating from the fakes. The problem of counterfit goods isn't limited to fakes, as seen by a recent slide show done by the magazine for AOL. See the link to the slide show above.

What items should you keep an eye out for by the person in the trench coat near the alley? Well, the winners of the "Plagiarius Awards" for best fakes include:
* The copy cat of the Fortis B-42, the watch worn by Cosmonauts. The original costs over $2,000.00, but significantly less by that guy named "Louie."
* The "Two in One" Salt and Pepper shakers from high end home good stores.
* "Trend Line V3 Vegatable Slicer." The fake comes with huge savings, but will it last as long? And what about the damage done to the innovator of the original?
* The PND Heating System Component.
* Others copied included the MEM faucet and very popular braided bracelets. Visit all of them in the slide show above.
From the time we were young we have been warned about the need for "buyers beware." With improvements in technology and, in my opinion, the even greater disregard of intellectual property rights than in any other time in history, the warning is more important now than ever.
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Interesting point. I need to be even more careful what I buy!

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